On the evening of September 20, 2019, more than 75 guests filled the special engagement room at AQUA by El Gaucho to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. In what was already a promising evening thanks to the radiant sunset that covered Pier 70, friends, family members, and supporters of Team Rohan Guild once again came together from around the country – in the name of Rohan, and in the spirit of hope. As a result, together we raised over $34,000!

Leading up to the Guild’s fifth annual event, the Evening of Hope had generated over $90,000 in revenue through wine auctions and generous donations – all of which has directly funded the team of doctors and researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that is focused specifically on pediatric brain cancer treatment and prevention. And for the fifth time, the event was successful in raising not only much needed funding, but also awareness about the 4,000+ children who are diagnosed with brain tumors each year and the severe lack of funding for pediatric brain cancer research.

Perhaps most impactful for the attendees, however, was the opportunity to hear from the evening’s special guests: Dr. Jim Olson, lead researcher at Fred Hutch (speaking via video); brain cancer survivor Max, his mother Erin (who is also lead coordinator of the annual Run of Hope), and his primary oncology nurse Cory; Cammy and Ashish Singh, founders of Team Rohan Guild; Tyler Pagel of the National Brain Tumor Society; and Norah, beloved sister of Rohan and outspoken advocate for pediatric brain cancer research.

What was made clear by the end of the evening were the following facts:

  • The field of pediatric brain cancer receives only 4 percent of federal funding for research
  • Only 20 percent of children who are diagnosed with brain tumors will survive
  • It is the ongoing grassroots efforts of fundraising, such as the Evening of Hope, that allows scientists and doctors to move forward in their commitment to both treat and cure pediatric brain cancer

Thanks to each of you, who have generated an increasing number of supporters by your own passion and commitment, Team Rohan Guild has become not simply an organization for fundraising, but a community of families and individuals who have committed themselves to supporting the doctors, researchers and scientists who dedicate their lives to treating and ending pediatric brain cancer. Similarly, the success of 2019’s Evening of Hope would not be possible without our sponsors who have made it possible to provide an event with minimal expense, leaving room for maximum revenue and research funding.

Team Rohan Guild is ever grateful for every supporter – for those of you who sponsor our efforts, and for those who attend the events and are able to make monetary contributions; for those who wear our special LEGO ribbon to raise awareness; those who share Rohan’s courageous story of faith and fight in the face of cancer; and those who share your own stories of cancer, loss, and victory in your own outpouring of love and grief.

It is all of you who have turned a loving family of four-less-one, into a loving community of hundreds…from a family marked by loss, to a community branded by HOPE.