Save the Date!


Taking place at AQUA by El Guacho, Evening of Hope is the guild’s signature fundraising event of the year that has raised over $90,000 for pediatric brain cancer research. Attendees will enjoy fine wine and food throughout the evening, and have an opportunity to bid on some of the finest wines in a silent auction. Most importantly, Evening of Hope provides a distinct opportunity to hear from and interact with renowned oncologist Dr. Jim Olson about the ongoing efforts of his team at that are directly impacting pediatric cancer treatment.

As the number of child cancer diagnoses continues to grow, so too does the possibility for a future without cancer that stems from the relentless commitment of our scientists, researchers, doctors, and US. Please join Team Rohan on September 20 as we reaffirm our commitment to both the scientific community, and our global community of children and families, who may find hope in a future free from cancer.

Team Rohan Guild was inspired by the life of a young boy who was full of love, hope, and faith that shined brightly both in the pleasures of childhood and the pain of cancer. Driven daily by his short yet impactful legacy, Team Rohan is a community of people who are dedicated to not only increase awareness of pediatric brain cancer, but also support families whose children are living in the midst of cancer, and raise funds to support the ongoing research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Despite thousands of new pediatric diagnoses of cancer every year, Team Rohan pushes forward in the hope of a future for our children that is void of the threat of cancer.