Rohan was born on October 5, 2005 in Seattle, and experienced a full and ever-active life in the following seven years.  Among common childhood pleasures, he was a driven student of chess and Legos in his leisure time. Most special about Rohan, however, was his strong and unrelenting faith that gave him a compassionate heart toward the less fortunate.

Rohan lived a healthy life until the week of his seventh birthday, when he experienced severe migraines and vomiting for a better part of the week, including on his birthday.  An MRI at the ER revealed a mass in his cerebellum, and Rohan had successful surgery the following morning.  The next two weeks showed signs of promise as he gradually strengthened physically and mentally, playing chess and building Legos in his hospital bed. One of the things he created then was his version of a Lego Star Wars ship that he built in less than 6 minutes.

His progress, however, became inconsistent in a matter of days as cancer spread rapidly throughout his spine and brain.  Our sweet Jedi took his last breath on the afternoon of November 3, 2012. Rohan exhibited a sense of urgency and precision in everything he did, and his brief 28-day battle was characterized by his incredible showing of faith, patience, determination, and unrelenting hope amidst his pain. His parents routinely reminded him to “always look forward when you run.” He did not lose; he won the race…he went heavenward.

Rohan’s absence – and the absence of every parent’s lost child – is irreplaceable. But like so many others who have courageously carried grief into action, Team Rohan Guild presses on with his unrelenting spirit of determination, working alongside doctors, scientists, and the growing body of affected families to bring an end to cancer.